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Follow up Art piece!

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So almost 3 years ago on the 6th of September a event changed my life, an auto accident that set the start of a major depressive episode. It would be a year and a month later on October 7'th that I got a piece of art done

It was later that night I shared the piece with a friend and told them I had made an attempt, but backed out. Long story short I ended up under protective custody and hospitalized for 3 days.

Fast forward to late October, I was going through a pretty rough time again and broke down to someone I thought was my friend. They suggested that suicide was the better option, at the time I agreed with them. It wasn't until December 3rd that I thought long and hard about what my "friend" said and I made another attempt, this time with a recently purchased firearm.

I lied to the police and my family about what I did, but it was this attempt that made me realize that my depression was due to the person I trusted most and it seemed as soon as I removed them from my life I slowly got better. My life turned around completely, the guilt that ate me up inside over the accident vanished and I felt like I could finally move on.

So far to date I have been 10 months without my depression and have been trying for awhile to get a follow up piece to the one above and finally got one!

I am in love with how this piece turned out and I am so happy that I have gotten my depression under control. I have so many friends and family that I owe a huge debt to. If it were not for them, I would not be here.

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