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Using nappies to manage stress and provide relaxation

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My work is extremely stressful and demanding, requiring me to be in control of many complex situations simultaneously. Although I always manage to keep everything together, there are times when, to unwind, I just need to chill-out and relinquish control completely.

Inspired by SIDF (Sleep In Diapers Friday), I now try to set aside approximately one night per month to totally 'unwind' - usually a Friday or Saturday.

On this evening I try to get home as early as possible, usually by around 5pm, and quickly change into my running kit and go for a long run. I find this a great stress buster and enjoy both the excercise and fresh air - and the feeling of freedom is wonderful. After an hour or so, I return home, and wind-down with some stretching exercises. It's also important to re-hydrate and have some water. Next I pour a beer or a glass of wine and run a hot relaxing bath, with plenty of bubble-bath - wonderful! I enjoy a long soak enveloped in the wonderfully scented water and bubbles, often listening to some music as I sip my wine or beer. Sometimes I'll listen to some vintage BBC Radio comedy, and after an hour or so I'm incredibly relaxed with a wonderful feeling of well-being.

It's now around 7.30pm. It's too early to actually go to bed, but nevertheless after towelling myself dry from the bath I get ready for a night of deep relaxation, a period of time when wearing a diaper ceases to be an option and becomes a genuine necessity. So, I dress ready for bed in an Abena M4, over which I wear a pair of 'NEXT' brand boxer-briefs with plastic pants over them. As I'm not actually going to bed yet, I usually pull on an old pair of shorts or jeans and a T-shirt and go downstairs to relax on the sofa for an hour or two.

Often I'll read and listen to some music, have another beer and maybe a snack too. This is all incredibly restful, and after a while I usually start to feel chilled-out and sleepy. At this point, it becomes obvious that it's time for bed!

Having prepared for bed earlier ensures that I don't spoil the relaxed state I have achieved, so getting ready for bed is quick and simple - just brushing my teeth and taking off my shorts or jeans and then it's into bed, wearing my nappy, boxer-briefs, plastic pants and T-shirt.

Once in bed I'll often listen to some more music on my I-pod, which makes me even more relaxed. After a while I'm starting to doze-off, so I switch off the music and l lay in a blissfully relaxed state. All of my pent-up anxieties and stress have now finally melted away, and I am not feeling any need to be in control of anything.

But it is at this point that I often need to pee slightly, not much, but enough to be a nuisance. However, I am now in a state of utter relaxation and getting up to go to the bathroom would undo all of the benefits achieved from being so incredibly relaxed, so it is at this point that the wearing nappies proves to be a good decision and I am able to just relax further and wet myself. For some reason, the warm wet sensation of peeing makes me feel even more relaxed, so, blissfully warm and wet, I fall into the most incredibly restorative deep sleep.

After around three or four hours or so, around 2 or 3am, I often awake with a more definite urge to pee - the evening drinks I guess. Again, I feel utterly relaxed and It feels so liberating to loose control and just 'let go', usually resulting in a much bigger wetting, before returning to a deep sleep. The Abena M4s are excellent and cope with most wettings perfectly. I wear the boxer briefs primarily for support, helping to keep my securely nappy in place while asleep. But, if the Abena should leak slightly the boxer briefs are thick and absorbent enough to soak up any excess wetness and keep it safely within the plastic pants. I would rather wet my pants than wet the bed! So far, my bed has always stayed completely dry.

Since returning to nappies, I have found the experience has really helped to provide much valuable stress relief. I have found that using nappies is literally an essential part of this, and I will continue to wear them from time to time to ensure my well-being

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