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Daddy broke up with me

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No, I met him on a site called He messaged me, we started talking, became friends and eventually started dating. The relationship started as ddlg, from the get go. But the longer it went on, the less interested in ddlg he seemed. It would make sense for him to be an age player.

And I'm most definetly a little. There are times where I will just drop into little space, no warning or reason. Sometimes I'll notice right away and other times I can go a couple hours before I do. It feels as natural as breathing to be little.
Oh l have met a few happy couple's on fetlife.
But have read that some daddys can be a little flaky on there to abusive to some littles.
It always have the little girls thinking it's there fault
Not always so.
I'm so sorry some times you kiss a lot of frog's until you find a prince so be watchful and careful.
You will find some one just keep being your self.
Do fun things to fill the time some times the person just pop's into your life and you were not looking.
We all do could of should of would of but some time it is not ment to be. In the long run you were better off not being with them .
Better to find out now then be in a bad place and have things really bad.
All the best to you.

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