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Diapers and Hospitals my Upcoming hospital operation

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I was reading about the whole subject of wearing diapers in hospital and although the blog is now closed, I thought that I would have my say about it.

I have an upcoming operation to shorten my foot/feet this November or December depending on when they can get me into theater so to speak and I know during this operation I will be out cold/tranquilized for up to 1-2hrs and the fact I have a weak bladder I thought that I would say that I will possibly ask the nurse if I can be diapered up just to prevent any embarrassing situations that might occur if successful this will be the first time I have been in diapers since I was a baby in arms in the 1980's.

The whole reason why I will ask the nurse is that I don't like catheters as they give me so much unneeded pain I had one inserted during my continence/urology tests and it wasn't nice, And as I will be unconscious for the whole process I think its unlikely a bed pan would work.

I also think that although this is a day operation as in I don't have to stay the night in hospital for the recovery period of 6-8 weeks since I will be essentially immobile I might have to get used to being diapered 24/7 if it comes to that I am no adult baby or self confessed diaper lover but I think its probably wise if I wear diapers during this time.

I can diaper myself as I know how to do this without help but the only problem is going to be buying the diapers as they aren't cheap anyway these are just some of my thoughts on this matter anyway must go now as its well past my bedtime and I need to catch up on my beauty sleep.

Yours sincerely


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