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Wanting _________

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Besides the key things I have no idea what I want out of life.

Key items

A lovely girl. (That is point I only want someone who gets me)
A home with space. (I want to design my own home. I've never liked having something that someone might already have)
My own identity (I've always been known as my father's son. This honestly ticks me off)

Outside these things I want adventure, something that will keep me interested. Everything is so boring. Cooking, boring after you do it enough. Working tech, that gets boring too. Video games are starting to get boring. Once you get the layout of the maps and the weapons specs correct. You can own any game. New mental pursuits are the only thing keeping me entertained.

Current idea internal heating and power from a sphere from deep underground, or maybe a road based system that absorbs the energy put out by cars and uses it to as backup power or to run a city's system.

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