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So little time, so few nappies

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Hmm, haven't posted for a year, been rather busy...

The last year revolved around a long spell of very intense work including over 100 consecutive days of 14+ hours, during which everything had to fall into line and cause minimum distraction and interruption. It made for a rather hot/cold relationship with nappies and an unusual preference for the minimal effort associated with toilets. Although I usually find nappies consistently fun and practical, the sheer logistical headaches caused by travelling around the world with never more than maybe 8 hours off to unwind led to a kind of resignation that there was a time and place for everything and now was not a good time to get padded. One week I stayed in five different hotels, I didn't unpack at any of them, just got my wash bag and clothes out of the suitcase on the back seat of the car and if I ran out of nappies in my travelling wardrobe it was sometimes weeks before anything could be done about it. There were still a few opportunities to benefit from using nappies when doing long uninterrupted shifts, plus I would sometimes put one on to do my morning poo in while getting on with something else at the same time, but that was about all. In a similar fashion I would occasionally use my potty if I had it with me, but then there were times when I would be looking forward to a sitting only to find there was nothing to wipe with, or wouldn't use it as I couldn't spare the 30 seconds to empty and clean it.

Thankfully things have calmed down and I have both leisure time and the desire to partake in some padded pleasures. I'm now wearing about 40% of the daytime and most nights, so starting to look at resources again as the stock left over from the last period of 24/7 dwindles. A re-stock is needed of all disposables and consumables, both medium and high capacity, boosters, liners, wipes etc. A few pairs of waterproof pants have got damaged recently - ripped seams, detached elastics etc. - so these also need repairing / replacing. Suprima 1218s are still my general favourite for out-and-about, while the bulkier Gary pants are best used overnight.

Away from home again for a week, there's enough stock in the car now to last easily. Tonight I get to enjoy one of the last pack of Dry 24/7s although it's not likely to be a very wet night as I haven't had much to drink. Tomorrow morning's mess will probably happen in another of the same. I do like the fit, pity about the price here in the UK. Must start work on a shopping list tomorrow...

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