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Do people read these things? Let's find out. I am bit bored today as the wife is back to school and I'm not yet back in school (assuming I get to go to school this fall but that is another story.) So I don't have much to do today so I felt like jotting a few things down for anyone to read if they want. I've spent half the morning staring at my aquarium. I've lost some corals lately due to poor light acclimation from my new radion xr30 and I am just hoping my scolimia pulls through because it is a real gem and would be prohibitively expensive to replace if I lost it and wanted a new one. My SPS corals are loving the new light and my anemones had a mixed reaction to the point where one crawled into the overflow never to be seen again and the other (its clone mind you) looks better than ever. My clownfish are still separated but they aren't mature yet so its not unusual that they haven't properly paired. I've had to move my Duncan colony because it and my Hammer colony were growing too close and the Duncan was going to lose that battle. Its the only remaining coral I have from before the ice storm in 2013 So I would rather like it to continue to thrive. If anyone wants any clarification on any of this feel free to ask but I have a feeling I won't get any takers there. Most people don't actually care about coral beyond thinking it looks nice. Few can tell the difference between coral and anemone in most cases, even most of my fellow volunteers. When I volunteer at the aquarium most people are much more interested in Dory and Nemo than Paracanthurus Hepatus and Ocellaris Amphiprion.

I may go attempt to do some art but I have less motivation to do that without my wife to help guide me on that front. I've already cleaned the house and I am just bored now. Well if anyone is interested enough by my ramblings I always love to meet new people. Maybe I'll get into a regular habit of blog entries just to track things.


  1. Trevor's Avatar
    Seems like there should be a joke about streams of consciousness somewhere in a thing about aquarium tanks but I'm not seeing it. Blogs don't get as much attention as threads but they still have their adherants.
  2. Marka's Avatar
    Once in a while, we take a left turn at the sign post and, find ourselves in the [I]cul-de-sac[/I] of blogs ;)

    We used to have a feature that showed us new blogs from the front page; I think they get far less traffic now but, I don't have any actual data to support that notion.

    I like the "streams of consciousness" joke Trevor yet, I'm not sure that would apply as well to this set-up - as [B]estuaries [/B]don't contain coral, afaik. ;)

    You've been discovered :)

    Coral actually does confuse me a bit though... I hope yours do survive too.

    I dabbled in fresh-water aquariums a bit... considered trying salt-water types - frankly, they all give me too much worry and, the salty's are far too expensive for my budget...

    best regards,
  3. Acan's Avatar
    Wow some people did read it thanks a bunch guys. I must admit Marka my tank is a constant source of worry for me but I worry in general. I don't have any constant monitoring tech that will send me a text if my parameters fall out of place that sort of thing costs too much for me right now. Well if you ever want to know more about coral or aquariums I am a super nerd for that sort of thing (case in point my user name comes from a coral species.) anyway thanks again for reading I may write some more of these another time idk. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.