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Do I take things too seriously? (rhetorical question)

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That I will answer for you all.


That is all.

Have a great day and I hope talking behind my back makes you smile, after all, nothing personal right? As I have learned that everyone does it, even me when someone won't listen to me but.... I'm stopping that because if I want to change, I can't be like everyone else. I don't fit in, I never did and I'm giving up on fitting in. Now... Will I quit taking things personally? You tell me.. I have noticed a change in myself. But I'm not so sure it's a good one. I just know at the very least I'm learning to not take things personally.

Edit: No... I'm not talking about those on ADISC though I'm sure they have plenty to say... I mean people in my life that matter closer than ADISC. People I see all the time.

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