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They just keep on getting worse and worse

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Each night, the nightmares just seem to be waiting to pounce. From the moment I close my eyes, they strike. With each passing day, they become more vivid and scarring. Last night's nightmare left me in a some-what trance like state. My mom is starting to get worried and so am I. I just wish all of these nightmares would just go away.


  1. egor's Avatar
    I had a period where that was happing a lot. I also was kicking the blankets off way more then "normal"

    The thing was I got tested for Sleep Apnea and it turned out I had restless leg syndrome (way be for it was the thing to get diagnosed). I had done it ever since I was a baby and thought it was normal. As soon as I got my CPAP I started sleeping through the night and felt a lot better and the "nightmares" stopped. Now I just have stupid dreams.

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