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How I feel

Rate this Entry Darkest Part-RED Perfect-Simple Plan (cover) Insecurity-Jason Dunn Life Means So Much- Chris Rice Never Be The Same-RED Shattered-Trading Yesterday

I know links don't work usually or whatever maybe they do sometimes I don't know. Either way... song titles are next to them anyway.
I'm so frustrated, hurt, and quite possibly more depressed than usual but I'm going to be talking to a friend I've known literally since before birth. I hung around him with my mom and his mom when she was pregnant with him. He is my closest friend and I've known him for as long as he has been on this Earth, 19 years. I can count on him any time of day or night but I don't like bugging him because I never want to lose his friendship. I can count on him... those silently observing and worried for me, unlike some... I will be okay someday

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