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It was great while it lasted, I really felt I was starting to get better and I am

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As per what I said, I meant it, I'm done with the forum. Blogs, private messages, and such for me from now on. At least this way I won't get that many comments because blogs are often ignored anyway. I cannot believe certain people who I will not name because there is no point.

I'm having a panic attack right now, but It's calming down now that I am starting to realise I don't have to stress about people anymore on the site who just don't get it but think they do. Those who have helped me, I want to say a big thank you.

-A burned out heart with way too much going through his mind right now. Listen to this song and then tell me I'm just a troll one more time... I'm so spent emotionally this is all I have left to say to you people who have no love in their hearts. This is just...... sigh.......

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