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My mum doesn't accept me :'(

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My mum questioned me today about the smell in my room (from the hiding messy nappies I had been waiting to put in the bin when she was gone). I thought it was a good time to "come out". It has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. Inside I kind of knew she wouldn't accept my fetish, but I had the glimmer of hope...

...I told her about it and she started shouting at me and kept asking me "why can't you just be normal?". In many ways I am, I am popular and sociable and I am studying child developement at college so I can work in a nursery one day. But there is one thing that singles me out slightly. And that is nappies. But it is private. It is not something I would ever tell anybody about exept maybe my parents and my BFFL, Morgan. She would understand. I would never ever tell an aquantance (kind of friend but not close one)/work collegue/boss or even doctor about. It makes me so embaressed and I feel like a freak but I can't help it. I love the feeling of wearing a wet or messy nappy. I only ever do it in my own room usually. I may go out in one, but only if I was on a solo trip (browsing shops by myself). I would never go out with friends or on a date in a nappy.

My mum thinks I am psycologically damaged. But im not. It's just a small, very private part of my being. I thought that she, out of all people would be the one I could open up to. I guess no.

Any similar experiences?

Your friend, Kerenza

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