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Wow, there is something outside the internet! (Mature content)

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Wow, there is something entertaining outside the internet here in Florida! As told by my previous blog entry, my activity level here will be down for a while. Those things that need to be fixed in real life still need attention.

My life has been crazy since November 1st. The tempo has remained fairly constant, but the rhythm has improved. On December 26th, I made the irrational decision to drive to the local large city to meet with people involved with BDSM knowing full well that I was about to meet with some Sadistic bastards. When I arrived, the members there welcomed me and were very happy to show me the area and introduce me to everyone. During that first visit, I was given hands-on demonstrations on how to use the varius bondage furniture items and was told to ask any questions that I may have. During that visit, I quickly realized how nice and pleasant Sadists may be. Since that first visit, I have gone back just about every other weekend to learn and experience what it is that they do.

Work can vary from a drag to something closer to a fun hobby that pays to play. For the last two years, it has been a drag. As of this past Monday, I am now working within another work center. While the hours should have been better, I have found myself staying late to get things done. This is not because I must, but because that is my desire. The atmoshere is wonderful, the job is delightful, and I could not ask for anything better. While this will reduce my free time for the next few months, I cannot complain.

Work, play, and the internet have not left much time for my home projects. In January, I spent just about every weekend working on a 1988 Ford F-350 that has rotted from a lack of use since August of 2006. The previous owner had neglected it before me, and it was not that good when I started. This past January, I spent every weekend working to return it to fully mission capable status. Every time that I took something apart for inspection, I was shocked at the condition. The rear drum brakes had broken springs, shoes worn almost to rivets, and an emergency brake cable seized up beyond repair. The engine thermostat, distributor module, and idle air control valve were all failing. The vacuum lines were all rotten to the point of failure. Once I got it running and stopping, the front brakes went. One brake pad was worn past the rivets and into the metal backing plate. That problem took 10 hours to repair. Now, my only concern is how long the engine, transmission, and clutch will last. At least it drives decent enough and reliably gets me around town. I love working on vehicles, but sometimes, I wonder if the effort is worth it. If I wanted to drive a new car that does not require work, I would already have one.

My to-do list includes doing something with 2 Jeep Cherokees, spring time inspection of my dirt bikes, maintenance and repair on my home, and modifying the storage cabinets of my home. If I was not so busy, I would be bored and miserable.

Have fun everyone! I know I will!

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