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Unexpected compliment

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A really funny and giggily experience happened. A week or so ago we were visiting my father in law's for the day, which was fun took them to a park/ playground thing (suppose to be a fair of sorts) then after went to their house, shot the .38 for a few hours, talked fishing ect. Well a severe thunderstorm was rolling in and my father in law's wife was going to drive her car over to her mom's (5 min.) before the rain started and I offered to go along. As soon as we pulled into the garage the sky opened up and it poured and was very windy so we ran as fast as we could t get back. My husband was nice and drove to pick us up on the road. She rode in the front, me in the back. We have two small kids so I got to ride in my son's car seat (fun by itself) when we returned to the garage my father n law said to me. "you look really good in that car seat."
I couldn't think of anything clever to say so Just said why thank you with a really big smile on my face. Plus I was wearing my bright pink sun dress, had my hair in braded pig tails and of course had a travel diaper on. if he only knew. Hehehe

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