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Cleared for take off and a lesson learned

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So two weeks ago I got an ingrown hair and accidentally shaved it off. (not smart) then two days later when I wet my diaper in the morning and had to change Right away only to find I had a very bad infection (an inch in diameter) where the shaved off ingrown was. It was so bad that I could not use my diaper at all for over a week and a half (I still wore all the time and did had a few accidents). However now after a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, some neosporin and a lot of air I'm all healed and finally cleared myself last night for using my diapers again. Yay!

This baby girl has learned a very important lesson first if you get an ingrown hair do NOT shave over it like it's not there. Lesson two do not proceed to use your diaper without protecting the area of said cut.

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