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First accident.

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Well, It's not really an accident but here goes.

I decided to get padded up and drank a lot of coffee, before I know it, I'm trying to hold back my pee, but it turns out I gotta poop, it just came out.

I also flooded my diaper, without really thinking about it, I must say it felt frickin' awesome, I don't poop my diapers often, but when I do It's amazing. It's a pain to clean up, since It's bin day, I wrapped it up and snuck it in the neighbors bin, LOL. bins are bins, found an new way to hide my diaper usage. this is awesome.

First poop in a taped adult diaper, I must add, IT WAS EPIC I felt like such a little, I'm naughty for pooping, but hey we all do it diapered or not.

Cleanup is a pain, thankfully I didn't sit down, This is the best day of my life so far, sure it might seem weird, but to me It makes me feel little.

I think I've mastered this diaper thing, with diapers I've got control, but I can go whenever and not really think about it, It's awesome.

When I'm diapered all my stress vanishes, I've got no problems with wearing 24/7 this is who I am, and I love it.

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