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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#351

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Several busy days.
Spent yesterday evening in Downtown Boston attending the monthly meeting of the local Autistic Self Advocacy Network.
Tuesday I was at the Derry, NH CTV Studio in the Municipal Building performing the post-production editing work on my latest CATV program.
Earlier this evening I did cook Supper.
I did have some Adult Baby regression time at nap time.
I apologize for not commenting here on my weblog regarding the mass slaughter of LGBT persons in Orlando, Florida.
Yes, I am a target too.
A while back, I altered my profile here to say I am Asexual.
But, in reality, I am Gay.
I am very worried about my personal safety everywhere I go.
Too many people pumped-up with religion hate my damn guts and want me dead, simply for physically existing in this world.
But, I will have to say, that I will not be intimidated, and I am not going back into "THE CLOSET".


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