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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#347

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Yes, today this afternoon I had a very bad bowel accident in my diaper.
I was not happy, that I had to travel to 3 different public bathrooms on my way up to Dover, NH to find a men's room that had "toilet paper".
Anyway, I cleaned up my mess and finished my afternoon trip to shoot video in the Hilton Park on the shore of the Great Bay Estuary in Dover, NH.
I did shoot 20 minutes of usable video footage for my next TV show for Derry, NH Community Public-Access CATV.
Well, as for my evening routine as an older autistic adult, it never changes, and I am watching DVD's here in the downstairs Den room to entertain myself.
At least I now have an air-conditioner down here in the Den to keep this part of the Cellar cool and comfortable.
Outside today, the temperature was just over 80 degrees F.
We Cerebral Palsy adults do have issues with temperature regulation and heat tolerance.
Yes, I do have the air-conditioner in my bedroom running to keep my bedroom cool to make it tolerable to sleep at night from ~ 2:00 AM to 9:30 AM when I have to wake up tomorrow morning.
I just checked my calendar, and I have an ADAPT disability civil rights organization meeting to attend down in Boston, MA.
Anyway, at least I can have some "Adult Baby Regression Time" before bedtime later.
My teddy bear, "Howard Hug" misses me.


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