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Big oops.

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Ok, so this isn't the biggest oops I've done but it ranks up there. So the kids and I were driving down to the cities (over an hour drive) when I heard a crack sound then a metal scrapping sound but everything was working ok (as far as my knowledge of cars goes anyway... not very far) I asked our machanic to look at it bu thy were too busy, my husband said it should be fine so I took it easy when all of a sudden on the freeway (70+ MPR) my brakes went out completely. Eeek!!!! Now for the oops part. I kept driving with a white knuckle grip on th emergency brake for 10 mins until I arrived at a parking lot, had to wait for a tow truck, drop off the car and convince the guy to drop me and my kids off at home. (luckily he did )

It was at the shop all week apparently a piston broke and tore out my brakes, even the mechanic thought it was bizarre. Of course when they finished repairing it they found that my front brakes were gone metal grinding against metal. Oopsie I didn't know. According to my husband and the mechanic I should of been able to tell that my front brakes were gone. (how?? ?.? )

Well that's mt adventure for the week.

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