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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#345

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Another long day.
I had a disability civil rights meeting to attend in Downtown Boston, MA.
A lot got accomplished.
Afterwards on the way home I stopped in Revere, MA to see one of my other Asperger's/Autism friends I know in the local region Autism Disability Community.
As I said, I have had a long day and soon it will be Midnight.
I will shift into Adult Baby mode before bedtime.
Yes, cuddle my Teddy Bear, "Howard Hug" time.
My favorite time of the day.
Necessity requires me to balance my adult life and my adult baby life.
Of course I am retired on Disability.
I have lots of time for my interests, such as disability rights activism.
Of course, being an Adult Baby is only one small aspect of my life as an older physically and developmentally disabled adult.


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