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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#344

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I admit that it does personally bother me, that my younger non-disabled brother sometimes watches pornography.
From my point of view, pornography has nothing to do with love and caring.
The human body without clothes is dirty and yucky.
My autistic wired mind interprets pornography as "evil bad touching".
Even at my age of 58 years old, I simply can not cognitively handle anything related to adult sexual thoughts and feelings.
Emotionally, I am still a little boy inside.
Adult sexual thoughts and feelings simply do not "feel right" in my own mind.
To me, love and caring is simple hugs and kisses given to my teddy bears and my soft baby dolls.
In this way, I have never been an adult.
I have always been a little boy.
As I am writing this, I am gently hugging my soft plush reindeer, "Moogie Moo-Moo".
He is soft and filled with love.
He is my friend.
Sitting here in the downstairs Den room with Moogie Moo-Moo here with me, I do not feel lonely.
I love him very much.
Anyway, I am still recovering from being sick.
No fever.
Just intermittent coughing.
Yes, earlier today, I did clean out the bottom of my pet guinea pig's cage.
Pet care can not be neglected.
Well, back to hugging my plush reindeer...


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