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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#343

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Still coughing 12 days after coming down with the Flu.
Only coughing, no fever.
I apologize for not attending worship at my church this morning.
I did not want to get others sick.
Anyway, I slept until Noontime.
I did go out for groceries, plus disposable under-pads and adult diapers.
I have also performed some more outdoor yard work.
I finally cleared the overgrowth burying 2 of the front walkway steps.
Now the front walkway is usable.
Yes, I am going to take some time to quietly play with my NERF toy guns in the back yard.
Play time can only be earned after performing necessary adult chores and tasks.
Yes, yesterday I did pay the CATV/Internet "bill" to make sure I can keep communicating with my friends in the disability community.
As an autistic, I have been asked about what I pretend when I play with my NERF toy guns?
I think of myself as a modern-day version of "Paladin" from "Have Gun - Will Travel".
I am "Have NERF Gun - Will Travel".
"Paladin" is a Lone Wolf Mercenary for hire, who has a harsh Code of Justice and Fair-Play.
It is said that we autistics have no imagination, but that is not true.


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