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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#339

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Yes, I still feel like used cat litter.
Not fun feeling ill since last Wednesday.
Definitely, there is some virus going around.
I am still trying to rest to get better.
No, I did not attend worship at my church this morning because I did not feel like spreading whatever I have to anybody else.
I also did not attend the May meeting of the Nashua, NH Robot Builders either.
I did take another nap this afternoon.
"Pam" dolly friend comforted me and helped me rest.
I did go out after my nap.
I only purchased a cheap dollar menu burger and a 16 ounce diet soda pop for Supper.
I admit to eating less while I am ill.
Not the best way to lose some weight.
Pardon my taste in DVD entertainment, but I am watching the old movie serial, "Radar Men from the Moon".
Nothing like cheap old-fashioned low budget science fiction special effects.
Anyway, I am still coughing intermittently, and my head still hurts a little.
My next 220 mg Naproxen Sodium Pain Relief Tablet is at ~ 11:00 PM.
I did put away the clean dishes out of the dishwasher machine in the Kitchen.
I also swept up the mess in the corner of the Kitchen where I keep Ernie, my guinea pig.
Yes, they are a very messy species of rodent.
But I love Ernie guinea pig friend very much.
As a disabled older adult he is my companion animal.


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