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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#337

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Today I have been the "Poop-O-Matic Poopinator"

I guess I have come down with a cold or whatever.
I am feeling better this evening after "pooping myself out" uncontrollably in my diapers earlier today.
Anyway, I did run an errand over to the WALMART here in town and I then went out to shoot some more video for Derry, NH Community Public-Access CATV where I volunteer.
My little brother had his day off and he went to the local Celtic Fiddler Group.
He returned home a short time ago.
We only see each other late in the evening.
He has his own schedule, and I have mine.
Yes, both of us get-along with each other quite well.
We each have our own living areas here at home where we can both pursue our interests and to have our own private spaces.
Tomorrow I have to attend the monthly meeting of ADAPT down at the Boston Center for Independent Living around the corner from the Downtown Crossing MBTA Subway Station.
I have said before, that I mostly do not drive into Boston.
I park my 2010 Ford Focus at the Wellington MBTA Station and I take the MBTA into Downtown Boston.
I will note, that the Orange Line is "Handicapped-Accessible".
But I will note, that many of the downtown MBTA Station Handicapped Elevators from "street level" really "stink" of Drunken Hominid Primate Pee-Pee.
Yes, I admit that I feel sick when using the MBTA Handicapped Elevators.
Pissing and pooping in the Handicapped Access Elevators is in my mind, unforgivable disrespect to us physically disabled who have to access the MBTA to get out into the community.
In the City-State of Singapore, anyone who pisses and shits on the sidewalk or in the public-transit stations get one hell of a "public whipping by the police" on their rear-ends for being "filthy".


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