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Thinking about selling some of the rare diapers I have. . . Anyone interested?

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I need some money. . . and I know what you're all going to say "Get a job" Well I would but I won't get the money I need to pay back my friend soon enough, so I figured I'd sell some of my rarer diapers. . . if anyone is interested. I'd use ebay but gawd I can't figure it out for the life of me. Plus they charge a fee. Simpler if I just sell the items straight up and just ship them to whoever wants them.

The items I'm selling idk if I'll get the money I need to pay back my friend but I figured I'd make a blog post about it anyway because who knows, maybe some of you want what I have? (plus I'd like to be able to get my mom a nice mothers day present and Snow_Blitz a nice birthday present too)

Here's what I got:

Little Swimmers from the 90s Size M Boys. I Only have like. . . 9 of these? So I only want to part with a few of them. . .

Vintage Huggies Size 5 from the 90s, I don't really want to part with these as I only have 4. . . so I'm only willing to part with one of these. . .
(I won't part with this for less than $25, AT LEAST. (not including shipping) Because thats what they're going for currently)

Size 5 Huggies for girls from Israel, Imported, pretty rare in America I think, Idk tho.

As for prices, since I'm not really trying to make a sale post here, I just want to mention that I might be selling these items, leave a comment asking with how many you want and I'll get a price for ya if you want, but I don't want to overstep any rules for adisc and turn this into like some sort of selling thing, so if there are rules forbidding that just message me instead. I also have some Korean girls goodnites coming my way soon, L/XL with the easy open sides. . . I'm willing to part with some of those for the right price too!

And for those of you concerned with shipping stuff: Since I'm broke I can't pay for shipping however I will use the cheapest shipping (That's still good shipping so you get it on time and all and without damage) but you'll have to pay for it. Also I'll only ship in the continental US and it will be discrete.

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