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Shopping Spree Yay! (and more Slime balls..) #2

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So yesterday I was super bored. I had been stuck inside for what seemed like FOREVER! Actually it was only 3 days and I was in my super cosy super pink sparkly bedroom so it wasn't like I was majorly bored or anything but I did feel kinda trapped. I mean on Friday it was supposed to have been the hottest day of the year and I was stuck inside. No fair!

So anyway I thought maybe I could go out for a little bit. There is a new book I want to get. It is Jacqueline Wilson's latest book about a girl who dreams of wearing amazing pretty party dresses as a bridesmaid but never gets to be a bridesmaid. So I thought maybe I could go get that and come home.

I raided my winnie the pooh money jar and got my £2.50 and went on the bus into town. Ben my BFF and husband was super busy all day. I would have actually gone with him but I was ill all morning. Actually when he got home around lunch time before heading out again he gave me an amazing egg sandwich. Anyway yea I went out got on the bus into town.

In town I want to the amazing book shop. It is the AMAZING book shop but actually it is pretty amazing. It has a café in the middle of it. And loads and loads of BOOKS which I guess isn't exactly surprising since it is a book store.

Anyway I got my new book along with the new Cathy Cassidy book which was pink and I like pink and Cathy Cassidy so I chose it. It is about BFFs who fall out and then make up or something. Then I went to the bookshop café and had the most incredible amazing chilled Mango and Passion fruit smoothie ever. I was enjoying being out but OMG I was still coughing and EW SLIME Balls. Luckily I took lots of hankies.

Then I went for a walk around the toy shop. I couldn't find the barbies but then I found them but they didn't have the one I wanted. I'm wanting the new super posable Barbie doll, the one that looks Chinese. I am going to call her Kim and she is going to be a foreign exchange student. But I couldn't find her in there so I went down the escalator and went to Claire's accesories instead.

OMG Claires had Ariana Grande jewellery in it. It had this amazing metallic headband with cat ears and diamantes. I really wanted it only it was super expensive £12. So I didn't get it. But then I found the most adorable cute cushion. It is pink polka dots with a felt blue trim and has a kitten on the front. It also says Kitty which is my name and so I had to have it! It looks amazing on my bed. Earlier on when I was finishing off my Dork Diary book I rested my head on it and it was very comfy.

Ok so after Claire's I went to the LEGO shop. I saw the Lego Elves and this super cool Lego water dragon. It is so cool. I can not even tell you how cool it is. So I bought that and I spoke to the nice lady on the till. Get this apparently all the branded legos like Lego Disney and the Star Wars. You actually get less legos for your price since Lego have to pay them some money to use their characters! Yep you can thank me for that amazing news later

Anyway! After Legos I went to Nandos and had myself some chicken rice and salad and lemonade. Then Benji picked me up and we drove home. I was super tired after my totally amazing time shopping that I went to bed.

Now it is Sunday and we got to go to church. I think I want to put my hairs in pig tails but my grown up self, the self that parents me says maybe we got to look all sophisticated or something. But whatever, I'm still going to take my giraffe.

Toodles x

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