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My real life stories. #1

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This is the story of the first time I tried diapering my self.
I was really nervous, cause I knew I would be looked at as weird if I was caught. But I had gotten a diaper in my hands from the nursery we had temporarily set up in the house, and I didn't want to stop. I felt a rush as I took my clothes off, locking my door as I dropped the jeans. Once I was naked, I picked up the diaper and felt it's warm, inviting texture. I took a deep breath, and laid it down, laying on it. I was just getting into my whole..."Growing" phase of puberty, so obviously the feeling of the diaper was made all the more intense against everything down there. I had to use a little tape, but I got it to stay on me. After a few minutes of sitting, bouncing, and mirror modeling, I realized I had to pee. I was scared to do it in my diaper, I had no idea how I would dispose of it afterward, but I was more scared of going out of my room with it on, and I didn't want to take it off till my curiosity was satisfied. I decided to pee there, and the feeling of the warm pee made my legs weak. I then did something even crazier. In my bliss I was so unaware of myself that I pushed a big load out into the seat of my diaper. I instinctively sat down, feeling so released, but realized it made it a lot messier. I decided to dispose of it by putting on shorts, rushing to the bathroom, and emptying the containment of the diaper into the toilet. I then rolled up the diaper like we did to the babies, and stuffed it in the trashcan. Despite how nervous I still was, I was still smiling from clean up to laying back down on my bed..

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