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Slime balls & Dork Diaries #1

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The past three days I have been unwell. Seriously, on Wendesday I felt like my face was going to fall of and by Thursday I actually felt like my head would fall off.

Today I'm starting to feel better, my face is still there and my head too yay!

I've been reading a lot of books since I got ill. At the moment I'm reading Gorilla Dawn. It is a really good story about some rebels in the Congo who abduct a baby gorilla. It is actually a bit scary because the rebels are very very mean but it is also really exciting. Also the other book I am reading is the latest Dork Diaries book Drama Queen! I really like it and I want to read more Dork Diaries. they are super cool.

Anyhoo what else have I been doing apart from reading books and being ill? well I played Sims for an hour earlier and Bob Pancakes had a son and I called him Pablo. Sims is a super cool computer game where you get people to go on dates and build houses and then they have babies.

And now for the grossest news. I have been coughing up slime balls. Yep big massive gooey snot coloured slime balls! The technical word for it actually phlem but yea that is because I've been ill. Don't worry I'm not gross or anything. I have hankies and have nice hot bubble baths. I'm just saying cos well this is my new diary so I'm going to write everything in it! The good, the bad and the yucky!

Toodles !

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