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Having some little time

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I love having some little time, and like to age play. My favourite age is generally between 9-12 years old, although I'm learning to be flexible about it.

I wrote a thread in the AB forum recently discussing this, and how I managed to regress even further, and spent some fun time being 5 for a change instead. I had bought myself some new pyjamas, and they made me feel very little, especially when combined with a Depends pull up and white ankle socks. I played with some Lego, and had fun being much younger than I usually am.

But generally, as I said, I'm around 9-12. I'm not into plush toys, pacifiers, bottles or sippy cups, and the idea of being a baby or toddler just doesn't appeal.

I'm a big kid. I like to play with cars or soldiers, I can dress myself, I don't need to be constantly looked after the whole time. I love being able to get into a younger mindset and live in the moment, and not worry about grown up stuff.

There are connections with regular AB though. Firstly, I am a DL, so wearing nappies is a part of it. Little me also wets his pants sometimes.

Now it's not always easy to incorporate diapers into age play as a big kid, but I figure that if I can pretend to be 11, I can be a diapered 11 as well.

My little is a bed wetter, so wears protection to bed. These are usually Molicare pull ups. They are super absorbent and feel like a real nappy. But I also like the Depends briefs as well. Yes, I know they're not great, but when I'm little, they become like a Goodnight, or similar childish pull up or training pants style of thing. They are prone to leaks, but little me may wear them if a big car trip is planned, or if he may be stuck away from a toilet.

So when I'm being little, I'll get into the right headspace, and just chill out being a kid. At some stage I'll need to pee, but won't want to stop playing, so I'll ignore it. This means little me will end up wetting himself.

After that, he is made to wear a diaper or pull up, just in case. He isn't punished or humiliated for it, but put into one as a precaution.

As a child I was a bed wetter, and wore protection to bed. I also had a lot of wet accidents growing up, but I was never punished for them. My mother may tell me off, but I wasn't spanked or punished if I wet myself.

But I was never made to wear a diaper during the day either. The only times that happened was before a long car trip or something, when I might fall asleep. That happened up till around 9-10.

But while I'm playing little, I'll end up diapered at 11.

In my mind, I've wet myself, and my mother has put me into my night diaper just in case it happens again. Once I'm diapered, I'm allowed to use it to wet myself if I have to go.

I love being able to have the combination of playing big kid games, generally look after myself, but to also have the freedom to just wet myself as I play, and have no worry about the outcome. If I do leak, and my shorts get wet, I'll change myself into a dry pull up and clean pants.

For me, it's the best of both worlds. I can be a pants wetting, nappy wearing kid, yet I'm not a completely dependent infant.

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