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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#331

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This afternoon I had an appointment at my Mental Healthcare Provider in Derry.
I still have Unipolar Depression (in remission).
Yes, I have had another boring day today.
Just the usual mutely sitting here in the downstairs unfinished and unheated Den room downstairs and watching DVD's while reading e-mail and working on my laptop computer.
I have checked my calendar and tomorrow I have an ASAN meeting at the MA Disability Law Center in the early evening.
Yes, another trip into Downtown Boston.
It will be the 4th trip to Boston for me in a week.
Being a Disability Rights Activist, I end-up spending my own money to do a lot of local region travel to different places.
I also have to be out in Keene here in New Hampshire on Thursday to go bowling with a bunch of other Aspie adults I know out there.
I just have a lot of things to keep me active in early retirement.
I know, I do not get paid for any of it, but all of what I do is worthwhile, and besides, my Disability Rights Activism is a "Second Career" for me, since my first career as an Electronics Engineering Technician died-out after 2001.
I admit to missing my former career.
I still tinker with electronics and pretend to be an Electronics Engineering Technician.
Well, it is getting late, and as usual, from 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM, I will listen to the BBC News Feed relayed by WBUR-FM, 90.9 MHz, Boston University Radio (NPR).
Compared to the BBC, FOX NEWS is "100% BULLSHIT LIES".
I prefer "facts", not "speculative bullshit" with no basis in objective reality.


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