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The Unsure feeling before a choice

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With the weekend approaching I am once again faces with the decision of whether or not I should tell my mom the truth. What would be the outcome, would she embrace me knowing she'll always 'have' her little one, or would she cast me out as a freak. At times I feel like getting padded up, crawling into my bed, and to try to forget everything that is my life, to reimagine it as how I want it to be, but there is always one thing lacking, that warm embrace of one who will love me no matter what. My mom loves me, to the point she would give her life up for me even, but even then I feel like she would change it all should I give her the wrong impression of who I truly am. I really wish I had a close gathering of friends locally who could act as a support group for me, but even then, my current friends are only so tolerant of who I am; not enough to know this side of me.

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