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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#327

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Late evening and I am still awake and spending time here in the downstairs Den room.
My little brother was upstairs practicing the violin for a while.
I have been doing some CAD drawing using ORCAD.
Only a relay circuit to build to power the Theta, Radial, and Z-Axis motors of the junked Vacu-Tran 5 Silicon Wafer Substrate Handler Robot I have in the Cellar.
Yes, it is a dumpster dive I made back in 1998, when the Engineering Design/Development Lab at Brooks Automation "threw out" a lot of stuff to lessen the capital equipment expense on the financial books.
The robot's original control electronics is "fried", therefore I am designing a simple robot control electronics for it.
The robot motors will be controlled by relays.
Yes, low tech, but the relays will be controlled by a PBASIC Micro-Controller.


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