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The Little World of Lettuce

Lettuce is a good boy!

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I can't sleep, but I need to. I hav to get up later to go to work and be a grownup, but right now I am being a silly boy and playing on the internet with my Stitch plushie under my arm. Stitch is a big troublemaker in his movie, but that's what makes him so much fun! It would be super duper neato if there was a creature like Stitch existing somewhere out there!

Maybe I'll try to get some sleep now, because I have to be a good boy and make sure that I can have enough sleepies so that I can be a grownup and work so that I can make moneys.

I have a super soggy diaper right now, but I think that I'll just change it after I get some more sleep. I'll just waddle around later like a duck before taking off my diaper. Quack quack!

I hope my blog doesn't annoy anyone. It looks like a good place for me to be my little self. Maybe I will post serious stuff too sometimes, but not right now.

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