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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#325

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As usual, a quiet day for me.
Yesterday I attended a meeting of a local Robot Builders Club.
I need some LEGO "gears" and "axles".
Perhaps I can obtain some at the nearest LEGO Store in Peabody, MA, but I will have to wait until the end of the week.
I did at least build the "base" for a little Spherical Coordinate Pick and Place Robot I want to make out of LEGO Bricks.
I apologize, but I no longer have the Version 1.5 LEGO Mindstorms Set I used to own.
I also need LEGO "Motors" too.
I also apologize for not taking a nap today.
Just a lot of things to think about.
My younger brother yesterday gave me a freebie dumpster-dive item he received from someone else.
It is an old TEKTRONIX 2211 Oscilloscope.
Yes, it still functions.
Anyway, I have a good set of test equipment to tinker with electronics.
I have checked my calendar, and tomorrow I have to attend an official Autism Awareness Month Event up in Concord, NH.
More disability civil rights activism.
Nothing like a working retirement, where except for my Monthly SSDI, I receive no other compensation, except for compliments.
That is okay though.
I need to relax for a while before bedtime at 2:30 AM later.
While working on my computer, I am watching "Kuyuru Sentai Zyuranger", the original Japanese version of "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" on DVD here in the Den.



  1. PCBaby's Avatar
    that's a nice item to be given, i'm just getting back into electronics after a 40 year gap and finding cheap but accurate test equipment even used is difficult here in the uk.

    I also saw your post on dummy's, whilst i understand your point, i'm probably too old and set to call them anything else, to me it just wouldn't feel right, but i can assure you it is in no way aimed at anyone with any form of disabilty. I also hope you can understand my reasons for using the word.
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