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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#322

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Here I am on a Wednesday evening in April, and writing in this weblog again.
As always on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, my SSDI Direct Deposit "cleared" into my chequeing account.
The "bill paying cycle starts again...
For the time being, I do have enough XL sized adult diapers and under-pads for my constant 24/7 cerebral palsy neurogenic bladder and bowel incontinence needs.
This afternoon I started to cut down the nuisance maple tree saplings growing into the decorative shrubs along the front of the house on both sides of the front steps.
My legs may be spastic and weak, and held in AFO leg braces below my knees, and I need forearm crutches to help me to stand and walk, but I can wield a small brush saw to cut down what needs to get cut down to "clean up" the landscaping in the front of our house.
I have also picked up the clutter on the floor in another corner of the downstairs Den room.
My little brother got another office style chair for free, which I now have put it with the corner mission-style computer desk my late father hand-made for me years ago before he passed-away.
My old desktop mid-sized tower computer is on my computer desk.
My little brother put it together and got it up and running for me back in 2002.
A month ago, I did boot this old computer up, and it still works.
The GUI Operating System on it, is WINDOWS Professional 2000.
Very obsolete, but still useful.
A year ago, I had transferred the CAD/CAE software I have on it and installed it on my present laptop, my HP "Stream".
My E:\ drive is a 32G Byte MicroSD Memory Card. My C:\ drive is just for my WINDOWS Version 8 GUI Operating System.
I try to keep different things on different solid-state memory devices.
E:\ drive is my Electronics Engineering Applications that I still tinker with.


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