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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#321

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With my spasticity in my cerebral palsy affected legs, they are physically weak.
For the last 4 hours, I have been "planted" here in one of the arm-chairs here in the Den.
It takes all my arm strength to push myself out of this chair, just to hobble over to change DVD's in the DVD player connected to my old Sony analog TV and Panasonic Stereo Boom Box.
Intermittently over the past 4 hours, I uncontrollably wetted into my adult diaper.
I am flooded and I worry about leaking onto the chair cushion.
Yesterday evening I leaked and wetted the seat cushion in this arm-chair.
I need to change my adult diaper.
But changing myself is "difficult" due to the spasticity in my legs.
I am "dirty".
Despite being an Adult Baby, being genuinely medically incontinent is not fun.
Yes, I smell of "pee-pee".
Disabled adults like me who are incontinent and smell of pee (and poop too!) are thought of by non-disabled adults as being "Mentally Retarded".
I guess I am mentally retarded because I am not toilet-trained anymore.
But my IQ is "Gifted".
Decades ago as a child I was called a Mental Retard by quite a few other children because of my Mild Autism and Mild Cerebral Palsy.
Mommy made me hide my disabilities.
I tried to be "normal", but it did not work.
The other children knew I was disabled and they teased and bullied me for years.
They called me "_____ TEMPER TANTRUM!!!!!", and other mean words, besides "Mental Retard".


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