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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#320

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As usual, a quiet Sunday evening.
Pardon my choice in entertainment, but this evening I have already watched:
Yes, I have computed my Federal Tax Return.
I do not owe anything, but I will receive very little back..
Yes, an "Adult Baby" has to pay taxes.
No, I do not itemize deductions.
I do take time for reading.
I have decided to read again , "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbon.
It is of course a classic of historical narrative and analysis.
It is a hard read, but worth it.
I have had this 3 volume work in my own personal library for decades.
Yes, I have a lot of books.
I have always performed a lot of reading.
Yes, I am mute and quiet and sitting here in the downstairs Den room, my Spring through Autumn living area.
No, I am not tired yet.
It is late evening and I am feeling happy, all alone by myself.
My little brother is back home from his job as a Luthier, and he himself needs some alone by himself time.
Yes, we do interact, but we each need our own personal spaces to relax and wind down.
When our Mom was alive, she used to really set us against each other, which was not good.
She knew how to really emotionally manipulate the two of us and push our emotional buttons to screw us up emotionally.
But no more.
Without her around, since she passed-away in a nursing home in 2008, my little brother and I get-along quite well as brothers go.


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