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Lot on my mind too much to say not enough energy to say it

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I feel so drained and sleep is my only oasis in a dry dreary land. I have hit a low point in depression once again as I feared but I am coping much better than before. I just want to sing out all the emotions I have going around my mind. Lately I've been keeping a dream journal so I can remember my dreams better. You know, get the mind to associate dreams with importance. I have to say since I've started, the strangest dream I had was that I was comedian and actor, Kevin Hart. Why me, a skinny but muscled white male, dreamt of being a short black man, I will never know. I was trying to catch some criminals (no I wasn't dreaming of "Ride Along 1 or 2, I haven't seen those) that were robbing a gas station. There's more to it but that was the gist of it.

I'm sure over time I will be recharged, feeling less depressed, and have a more fighting spirit. I pray I never end up falling back into the deepest depression I had been in the past ever again. So here's to a brighter future.

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