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Rearz is coming to the USA

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My husband and I are so excited. A new online store is opening on May 1st called Cooshie Tooshiez. They will carry the Rearz Brand disposables diapers. Spoiled, Safari, Princess Pink, Seduction, and Inspire. Binkies too. The site is not live yet but it will be They hope to open for pre-orders by mid April and start Shipping May 1st. The best part....FREE SHIPPING!!!! Please spread the word. Get ready for the Grand Opening. All you that wanted to try the Rearz brands but didn't want the extra shipping cost, here is your chance.


  1. DLspouse's Avatar is open for business. Please go view the site. All the rearz disposables and pacifiers are available.
  2. RMS401's Avatar
    I am soooo excited! I've always wanted to try Rearz diapers but shipping from Canada was INSANE, so I held off. So glad I did. I'm expecting a bunch of diapers from Cooshietooshiez pretty soon and I am beside myself with anticipation.

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