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The life of Snivy

Dark Snivy (Scary Read)

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I remember around February 2016 through my month of depression where all I could think about was why I was on this planet, how could I kill myself by also making it an accident, who would sincerely miss me if I was to disappear tomorrow night or the next day. All those images have burned into my head and now that it is April 2nd, they're still in there and somehow I can not find a way to project them out of my head. Why does it feel like I do nothing but take up a space in the air you breath? Because simply, you just don't give a damn really. I am not respected by my friends, my family, or my workers. Only my mom and very trusted people (like 3?) do...

I have been struggling since mid 2015 and now that things have taken a turn, it's now even harder to maintain them. Being a father now really stricts the condition of the road and whatever you do impacts your fur-sons life. Do I love being a dad? With all my heart but I always wonder if I make the right choices considering i've felt pretty bad about myself recently and i'm only doing nothing but sending out negative energy. I don't mind having a few people to talk to but it would be nice if I was shown with a little respect once in a while before I get into realms that will just limit my choices.

I was told that i've changed lives but I haven't seen them due to the fact they are still the same and their lives have gotten better with the help of others ...not me, they only say that just to make me feel better. If I want to do nice, it's always take my attention, take my love, gimme gimme, never give ...never give ...................never give. You basically threw rope over my neck and pulled on it to let me dangle on the tree expecting to get beat up like a pinata hoping candy comes out. I want to be more happier. Whether it is a caretaker or a partner or anything ...I just want to be more happier, I am tired of feeling like shit. I should not care what others thing but it always gets to me and idk what the hell is exactly wrong with me. I hope to be saved soon...

Everytime I am this sad or type sad things hoping it will help me, it does nothing but make me cry and feel more worthless...
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