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Wore my first dress.

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Well, you all know I'm transgender. I decided to try a dress for the first time ever, It was the best experience ever.

Since I'm very feminine, I knew how to sit like a girl in the dress, and sit with my legs cross like usual, gives a lot of room for my nappy.

It just makes me so happy, knowing I'm a female, having male parts makes wearing clothes a pain though, might grow my hair long and dye it pink like in my profile pic.

I get very excited when I cross dress, as its the time I can truly be myself in private, It's like wearing diapers for me, lets my true self spring literally lel.

Expressing this part of me that I've kept under the rugs, makes me feel so awesome

Best of all I Looked so pretty in my dress, I look very beautiful in female clothes, I've tried bras, short shorts, and now a dress, wouldn't mind trying high heels.

Downside about all this is I don't have boobs, makes things like bras a bit of a pain to wear, sorry for this blog post, I'm just happy that I got a little girly time by myself.

I still find it weird that the same time I discovered I was trans, was the same time I discovered I was gay/bi.

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