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Countdown is on...

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For years I have had a slowly progressing septum deviation and its never been an issue up until the middle of last year when it suddenly decided to completely collapse. Ok maybe not completely, but when the doctor has issues using the scope camera to assess the extent of the damage,i think that's a sign things need fixing.

I cant remember the last time I had a solid nights sleep due to the damage, but in a couple of weeks that will hopefully be a thing of the past as I have FINALLY been booked to have the corrective procedure done. No more dried out, cracking nostrils causing nosebleeds; no more torture like sinus headaches due to the throbbing pressure and no more having half a sense of smell. Momentary pain for long term gain as they say. Sleeping upright for the 24 hours following and structural splints in my nose be damned. Being able to breathe properly? Ill take that.

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