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Hello everyone.

I Decided to write something about Regression.

I woken up for this morning to sound of rain falling on my window.

I have Rex and Peter held closely to my chest and my pacifier had got stuck in my mouth by Peters soft head.

I had no idea whether I was wet or dry this morning until I felt my nappy and found that I was a wet.

I took a bottle of juice to bed with me and I must of Drunked it all up, during the night as it is all goned now unless it was Rex or Peter or maybe Toothless.

Anyway I feel like an AB right now. If only i could call out for a parent figure to come and change me and make me a new bottel. Then I could stay like this.
But I now, I have to get up and Change out of my nappy and get washed and have a shave. And then this feeling of being a baby boy would be all goned and that sad.
So I have to do something fun.

I am actually putting offted getting up for as long as i can.

I'm pretending to be a little frog, that isunder a big leaf in the rainforest. Listening to the Rain. Ribit, ribit.

OK hears a question so it not a blog.

What your stories when you regres?

I like having stories, read to me.




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