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seeing a Beatrix Potter show.

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Hi everyone.

"This forum is for AB and Littles. Sisi It not hear for your personal blog."

I am Sorry but I just want to tell everyone about my day today. I have had lots of fun.

I went to Exeter to see a show it was great.

It was call the tales of Beatrix Potter and it had lots of my favourite characters in it, including Peter Rabbit.

If you don't know who Beatrix Potter is then I sorry but you will have to leave the tree house. Like right now.

She was a children's story teller that wrote her wonderful story's in the 18th century. she also did her own painting of the characters.

It was done by a children's Theatre company with some really good dance routines bally and tap and original song sang be Mr McGregor Peter Rabits' arch enemy.

Such a good time.

Ok I pinky promise that I will get on with putting something about the Littles and Middles sleep over. Not sure why I am calling it a sleep over as the not going to be much sleep. It's a night of playing.

It going to be in October at the Portsmouth PlayZone. UK I know there is a lot of interest in this. So I will do my best to put up dates and prices and details by the weekend.

Hope you guys have also had lots of fun today.



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