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To create or to observe, that is the question.

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So it's been 5 months since I've put anything out there on youtube. Part of this is to youtube discontinuing their "upload from webcam" feature based on the fact they 'based it upon software that no longer exists'. The other being that I didn't really want to continue putting myself out there for very little feedback and when I did get feedback it was either good, nonsense, or just really unhelpful. I've been considering uploading new content through a video editing program, but it only has a trial for free so even if I do it won't last long without paying for it. Being that I have no job and am trying to get my GED, there are very limited options that I have. I could just save up what little money I do get here and there, or just try to find free software (which can be risky). When it comes to my singing I know I don't have the best voice or skills, but I am working with what I have.

Any advice?

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