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Some Poetry

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I'll list the type of poem along with the title for a frame of reference. They may or may not make sense, they also may or may not follow the rules, but hey I did my best.

It is all around
Never slowing down for you
Unless you stop first

We can't feel unless we heal
Time doesn't always rhyme
It will always fill if we let it

"A Lie"
A Lie
Hurtful, mean
Fight, damage, destruction
Pain, suffering, betrayal
A lie

Walk the line it isn't a crime
Roll the dice but don't run out of time
Master the art of control
You will be whole
Don't commit that unforgiving crime

Alive, healthy
Living, protected sacred
Graves, soul, body
Ceasing, cracking, departed
Feeling, morning, emotionless, mourning\

Grass never decides to grow
Unless it rains below

Dances and prances won't make it rain
All that is in vain

Pain can wash away
A price rain never had to pay

All my life I've lived for others
I was called selfish for no reason
Never will I give up for love saves
I have love enough for all the hate
Seperation will not stop me from life
Strive to live and keep what I love
Poke and prod, people always will
Fight for peace and love
Destroy idiotic arguments and create good ones
Faith can bring evidence
Solid evidence brings faith
Doubt is healthy but face it head on
I am sick of the fake
It is honestly more than I can take

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