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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#303

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As usual, I am all alone by myself.
Yes, my bedroom smells of pee-pee.
Quite normal, considering I have my adult medical plastic pail potty chair and my diaper pail in here.
No, Senator Ted Cruz, I did not have a Steak for Supper.
All I had was (2) Hot Dogs, and a small bag of Potato Chips, and some Diet Ginger Ale.
No, I do not watch "FOX NEWS".
It is the American version of the Nazi Volkischer Beobachter political screed.
I only listen to the BBC, NPR, and CNN for my news information.
On the CATV connected television in my younger brother's bedroom, I am watching a 3-part factual documentary about the "Geheime Staadts Poletzei".
Yes, the "GESTAPO".
Earlier in the evening, I was on the telephone with a couple other members of the Board of Directors of the Non-Profit Organization I am part of to discuss important matters before the next Board of Directors Meeting.
Well, I did take some time to "be a baby" at my Nap Time earlier in the day from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
I slept with my big teddy bear, "Howard Hug".
But I admit that I did have a very bad dream during my nap.
In it, I was snatched away by evil bad ladies without clothes, and they all bad touched me.
I am scared of bad touches to my body.
"Howard Hug Bear" fought the evil bad touch ladies in my dream and punished them.
I hate bad touch people with all my heart.
They all have to go to Hell where they belong.


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