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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#301

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First things first.
Video Production Creativity is not an "Assembly Line Process".
I am temporarily "out of ideas" for another independently produced Public-Access CATV Program.
I can not get anyone in the "local" Disability Community to be "on-camera".
Also, a lot of potential "remote" video shooting locations are not available to use for one reason or another.
As for the "local" politicians, they do not want to answer any tough investigative questions regarding their actions in "public office", and who is manipulating them "behind the scenes" to the detriment of the citizens here in the Nutfield Region of Southern New Hampshire.
Yes, I want to be an Investigative Video Journalist, but there is nobody who wants to even talk to me or even be "on-camera" to "explain themselves".
I will admit to feeling very sad all day long today.
I am also feeling somewhat "frustrated" with other Hominid Primates and their unwillingness to "cooperate with me".
Anyway, there is more to my life than being an "Adult Baby".
I have responsibilities to the "Public Intetrest" and to "The Truth".

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