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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#299

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Not yet ready for bed.
I did have my late night snack.
2 Bagels with Margarine.
I also made sure I took my daily medications.
I switched to watching old BBC HORIZON Science Documentaries online via YouTube.
On the Science Channel they were showing "pseudo-science" fantasy "intellectual junk", not worth watching.
I mix watching "real science" documentaries with my watching old television shows from my own large DVD library.
The "Intellectual Peanut", Donald Trump won 4 of the 5 Presidential Primary Elections yesterday.
Yes, compared to many of my friends with Autism, Donald Trump is an "Intellectual Peanut".
Between his ears, all he has for brains, is mushy poo-poo.
I admit to thinking that the appropriate visual image for this year's Presidential Election Campaign is a "Flushing Toilet".


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