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Autism, Student Life and being Diapered.

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Well I am trying to start a New Blog, this is also the first time I have ever written a Blog, I figured since I can type relatively fast it should be no problem but I have never even kept a diary before, so if this goes wrong, please tell me what I am doing wrong first so I can have a chance to fix it.

Well I guess it is time to say,
Welcome To my First Blog Post.

I am 28 disabled male, I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not OTherwise Specified with traits of Asperger's Syndrome, Multiple Learning Difficulties, Epilepsy and Possible Sensory Processing Disorder.

Life is not easy, I am not considered medically incontinent because the doctors say it is psychological, however If I am diagnosed with SPD then I will be entitled to free Adult Diapers. This is because while peeing on a toilet is fine for me, I can not poop unless I am wearing a diaper, if no diaper is available I just hold it in, it feels like it is wrong to poop my poop in to a toilet, I have always felt that way about my poop.

Well moving on, from Health issues,

My last functional Skills Maths Exam i got 5 out of 48, wear 30 out of 48 is the pass mark, this time around I got 16 out 48, so that is just over a 300% increase in maths grade in just 6 weeks.
Considering one of my learning Difficulties is Dyscalculia (Number dyslexia) I am well pleased with myself.
Now I just need to double that score and I will pass my Functional Skills Maths.

Well so much for good intentions

My New Years Resolutions were
Live a Healthier Lifestyle
Loose Weight
Fix my Teeth

Well for the whole of january I bought Takeaway day after day, half of February I bought Takeaway, and now this month just yesterday and the day before I bought Takeaway. I now have no money, so I had to cancel my latest order from incontinence choice.
So that will give me just under 100 to pay this months bills.

I must really figure out away to prevent myself from spending money on rubbish I do not need.
I got to figure out how to save my money, better.


these last couple of days I have been earning up of 60k a day on neopets so I have just over 1 million neopoints in my bank account on neopets. But playing games is not working, sure, some of the games have educational value, but apart from items, on you can not buy anything with neopoints, so not being able to do anything with them in the real world helps me save them I think.

When I was younger, my mum handheld all my money and bank accounts for me, as If I had money I would spend it just because I had it, these days I am scared about spending money, because I can not just go to my mum and ask her for more money, I have to wait till my benefits go in, before I get any more money.
Virgin Media do not help,

Last october I rung them up to try and get my bill reduced, so I canceled sky movies, and downgraded my tv package, I now pay just over 55 a month to Virgin media, however when I rang them last october I was under the impression that in december I could ring them up and cancel the account completely.
So in late december I rang them up asked to speak to the disconnection team, and they said that the contract on the account had been renewed in october, no one told me the contract would be renewed by downgrading the tv, I don't even use a television as I only watch movies, and use my computer, I don't watch catch up, and I have declared to the TV licence people that I do not need a tv licence.
But Virgin media still want 200 to disconnect my service

It is not like they have to fly around the world, they just disable line ID on the Distribution side, and send some one out to pick up any equipment provided, then all that is left is to rename the line on the distribution database as Inactive, and set it to Disabled.

So why should I have to pay to be disconnected, when Virgin Media, do not provide me with a stable internet connection, and I do not use the TV service.

My Promise To you guys,

I will try to post something about my day every night on this blog.

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